Payback Ii

Erick Sermon

featuring Joe Sinistr

[E Double]

Word em up

[Joe Sinistr]

Word em up ha ha

Got the E Double right there

[E Double]

JMJ combined with Grand.. Royal..

Nineteen ninety three ninety four

Word em up

[Joe Sinistr]

Here we go Joe Sinistr representin from the joint

Verse One: Erick Sermon

Yo yo I pause for the cause

I seen niggaz heads busted someone pass the gauze

This rhyme may affect the skull to a point

and crash the membrane, so you should spark a joint

*inhale* There I go and now it's Showtime without

KiKi Shepherd, now the bitch feels neglected

Check the memo, remember you listened to my demo;

Yeah the one about the fuckin limo?

Rewind because I'm pushed for time right now

What where when how, my sound's out there like Moscow

I hear nuttin but the music, raw fusion

No mass confusion or illusion

Blink blink, blink so what you sayin? I'm not playin

Hey man, yo I caught you playin

So don't be conspicous, cause you can't get with this

hardcore scientifical, far from typical

My rap style, is dy-no-mite

It make you wanna be like the E Double, and not like Mike

Yo, bust my acoustics, SWING!

Deranged, when I rock the mic I feel strange

Now back to our program, fuck Batman, bang bang

Sound from the gat-man

Let me quit it, cause I feel I have shitted

and got mad niggaz widdit

Joe Sinistr follows

So y'all get my dick, until tomorrow

Chorus: Joe Sinistr

It's the second payback, payback part II

Yeah, it's the second payback, the payback part II

Uh-huh, yeah -- it's the second payback, the payback part II

Uh-huh, yeah -- it's the second payback, payback part II

It's part II, uhh

Verse Two: Joe Sinistr

And while niggaz still arrested virgins, I rips it ill

as Erick Sermon's, we's the ones usin the method slurrin

So Joe Sinistr came through the armed recruit to blank crews

My six will fix another one greedy

FOREAL, let's peel they hats back for deal slow

And we'll catch clown, with they pants down REAL LOW

The screwball better work a RuPaul and switch fast

or we'll be in the cornfield, killin your bitch ass

And Timb's roam through bad bad odor but it is home

Wild flex and more sex than Mad Cobra

So take it easy ?just to mash a kraut? mine's the cheesiest

And I'm sworn to keep their eyes on more than CBS

I make the Funk Doobie turn to a process

I mob just any nigga, I don't care who he

I still get doughs, takin off bitches Girbauds

and lamp with Erick, a champ merit cause I flip foes

See these screws loose, I repeat, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

But stop there goes the third time with the cock-a-roach

And I get more flows than Vi