Swing It Over Here

Erick Sermon

featuring Keith Murray Redman

"Kick it over here baby pop!"

Chorus: Murray Sermon others

[KM] Swing it over here!

[all] Yo swing it over here!

[KM] Swing it over here!

[all] C'mon swing it over here!

[KM] Y'all swing it over here!

[all] Yo swing it over here!

[KM] Come swing it over here!

[Red] Yo swing it over there!

Verse One: Keith Murray

My rap style is swift like boom bips

so come get a whip, and a bump, it's rough

Crews couldn't hold it in handcuffs

The ordeal is that I'm raw ill on the mic

Switchin my styles up like a transvestite (word)

I think of competition as ?? and

Keith Murray is the vocabulary champ

?Come in against deep notable to breach lines?

I'll make you make the same mistake twice three or four times

and nobody got a style like this

You could say, I got my thinking cap on backwards

I'll demolish the retarded smartest rap artists

regardless, tryin to scream the hardest

I fuck your head up like amphetamines with L.O.D.

Then bend you out of shape like a master Yogi

I put my head through your chest, just to see

who's next in line, just to get wrecked

I makes contact, bust the interlude

I take my skills to another level like qualudes

And you couldn't hear me out; cause the type of shit

I converse about'll drag your brain in the slaughterhouse

Chorus: change to [all] throughout

Verse Two: Erick Sermon

Cling cling, somebody tell me something

Why I got more props than Don King without bouncing boxing rings?

*ding ding* I be the flyest guy you ever sawr on the microphone

Rip the shit to pi