You Are The Man

En Vogue

Verse 1:

Nobody touches my heart like you do (ohh, ohh)

I swear I'm just hopelessly fatal for you

Cause I can't go through a day without

Thinkin' bout kissin' you places all over

All over your body and your body all over me

(don't you know)


You, you are the man I want

There is no other love

You give me what I need

You are the only man for me

Verse 2:

You can see it in my eyes how much I'm feelin' you

There's nobody else in this world I would do,

I would do

Cause you will, you will go places

That I'm not usually tasted

And it just makes me go crazy

And I can't deny I'm obsessed over you


Cause you

Long time ago stole my heart

You broke me down from the start

And nothin has changed since the first day

That we made sweet love