Give It Up, Turn It Loose

En Vogue

I believe in yesterday

I believe in yesterday

What's the problem?

You keep comin' in and keep comin' out and singin flat

I'm sorry, I'm sorry

What's wrong? What's wrong?

You're not concentrating

Yes, I am concentrating

No, you're not

I'm sorry, let's just do it again

Nonono, uh uh. What's the problem

There's no problem.

Dawn, what's wrong?

There's nothing wrong, Terry.



Please don't tell me it's Kevin.


Ew, Kevin Swahili, I knew it! He's got cooties.

And he's seeing Tamika right now

And everybody else

He is not seeing Raneka

He is.

How you know?

Wait a minute guys.

Wait wait wait. You guys, we should not attack her, it sounds like it's

serious because we can't concentrate and get this right. So, let's deal with

the problem.

You see, I've been through this myself, and, let's talk.

And it goes a little something like this - hit it.


Verse 1:

Baby girl (unfair but true)

Can love him once but not twice

Who plays games with no rules (a fool)

Tears for fears (are no surprise)

Happens almost every time

Love knocks you on your behind

(Loved you hard, loved you long, now his love is gone)

Love 'em and leave 'em (is the rule of most dogs)

You must be strong

Stand up on your own

Take control of your life

I've seen it time and time again

It's not worth it, no

Don't be down and miserable

You and only you

Can bring yourself around


Give it up, turn it loose

Oh, if it don't wantcha, you don't need 'em, girl, yeah

Give it up, turn it loose

Oh, you got to have

Verse 2:

Fact of life (so sad but true)

Love can often hurt you

Leaving scars most of your life (nightmares can haunt you)

But fairytales of love, can come true

Both play tricks on your mind