Sad But True

En Vogue

It's a winter day

Five years too late

I'm feelin' cold inside

Holding on to what I don't know

No more reasons, no more whys

Just my life

And my love I worked so hard to keep

Ooh, sad but true

Sad but true, it will be

A very different world without him

So I can't just up and let him go

What would my children say?

Mad, just a little sad, just a little bad, just a little had

Just a little time for me (oooh)

Not good you see

I need just a little more, just a little love, just a

Can't you see there's more to me?

Ooh, when you're creepin' out at night

Always try to cry myself to sleep


Sad but true (sad but true)

It's not worth no more

I must tell him so

Goodbye is so hard to say

So sad but true

So sad but oh so true

A world of make believe

It's a place I've lived

Joyous all the ti-ime

Never knew my world could cave in

Fall in right before my eyes

I was blind

I would only see the signs I wanted to see

Ooh, sad but true

Sad but true and it's real

You must take the time to deal with it

Before you fall to deep in it

Can't find your way back home

Ooh, can't change his ways

Can't change my ways

If things stay the same

No one wins the game

I deserve better

He needs it better

I'm not so happy

He can't be happy

Aah, and the feeling in my soul

Our love has come to an end