We Fall, We Stand


Sometimes I feel like I'm losing it all

abused and beat down and thrown to the wall

how can they do this to someone at all?

something so awful

woke up this morning I hoped and I prayed

nothing can stop me I'm well on my way

if I can have anything that I want

why does this happen?

We gain, we lose, we fall

and we stand right up again

we gain, we lose and we fall

and we stand right up again

I can be anything I want to be

losing myself in a world that can't be

coming together and falling apart we stand....we fall....

I can see clearly the crack in your soul

looking for something to patch up the hole

if you need someone to reach for, console, just call my name...

you have been searching for so long inside

a meaningful calling your heart can't deny

I try so hard just to stand on my own

how can this happen? (again)


I can finally see the light

no more darkness

I feel so much more alive