And if you could make up

For every single time you lied

I'd probably whisper this

Hello, goodbye

And so it begins again

Harder each and every time

I start to reminisce

I never seem to ever find

Someone I can trust

Someone I believe

Someone who will never try

To bring me to my knees

Someday I will find again

Someone just like me

Someone who will take the time

In understanding me

And if I could make up

For every single tear you cried

I'd probably never miss

Your hand in mine

I never could understand

Mistakes I repeat again

I've been through this so many times

Never seem to ever find

I've stopped searching

To take my time and completely clear my head

I believe it was meant to be

And I feel it's time to go

And never leave

And never scream

Someone who believes

Never lies to me

And would die for me