Last night I dreamt that you were dead

The only way that I could find

To clear you from my head

I find it hard for me

To get past all the shit you did to me

In spite, at night, I try in vain

To get my mind back right


I feel so terrified

I'm so sick of being on my own

(This feels like suicide)


I feel so dead inside

Struggling in a world I can't control

(This feels like suicide)

Some things are better left alone

Completely out of sight and mind

Never to be told

I find it harder to express

The things that no one else can see

But me, sometimes, I wait for days

To get my mind back right

Some say waiting

Taking my own time is all I can do

Should've known you'd things to hide

By the look in your eyes

I can hear the words loud

(And now I finally understand this feeling of

uncertainty that leaves me now)