Tempt Me On The line


He : hallo ?
She : hi it's me. What are you doing right now ?
He : nothing special - just longing for you

Tempt me on the line
Make me feel divine
Oh baby let's make good love from a distance
Tempt me on the line
Prove that you are mine
I gotta gotta get a bit of your assistance
Tempt me on the line

Tempt me on the line

Can you feel me - oh it's okay
I'm with you though I'm far away
Just imagine that I'm close
I'm your thorn and you are my rose
Move your body - feel the heat
I know everything you need
Listen to my words and then
Do it - baby do it again

You and me forever
Tempt me on the line

Just lie down and close your eyes
Baby listen to my advice
Just imagine I'm by your side
Makin love with you tonight
Can you feel my fingertips
Feel my kisses on your lips
Baby you are not alone
When you hear me on the phone

Is this the way you want it baby ? okay ?
I'll touch you where I know you want it most...

Tempt me on the line