Love And Sex Are Free


Baby, love and sex are free
And will you come close to me
You make me happy when we sleep together
Don't you see
Love and sex and fun are free
And we can do it all night long, forever

Do you want good loving from me
Oh baby I just want to say
Your touches me whenever you're near
And learning for sex is not a shame

Hold me tight, hold me right,
We go sailing through the night
Baby hey, make me stay
When the price is okay
Make me fall, take crawl
Baby, would you have a ball
Wanna key to make big

Come on, let's make it
What you're giving, I take it
Come on, go for my little spot
Oh Baby
Come on, let's make it
Having fun and don't fake it
Take my body and take to the top
Tonight's the night

Everything I need is on due
My sexy body calls your name
Just bring your goodies to my place
Your love is so wild and so untamed

Yeah I'm wild, you will see
And your body will agree
Take a chance, we will dance
We will fall into the trance
It's okay, when you say
We will do it at your way
You tell me how you wanted it
And I will be your babe