Sex On The Phone


Gimme sex on the phone
I'm so alone
Sex on the phone
I need it so
OK, I'll do what you say, come on
I feel your sex on the phone,
So I can feel
Your sex on the phone
Is really real
Your touch, I want it so much
I want... Sex on the phone

Just make me fly
Just make me cry
Just make me come
And get me high

Baby lead on number one
And we'll have a lot of fun
Baby lead on number two
And I'll tell you what to do
Baby lead on number three
Feel my hand out on your knee
Baby, baby just relax
Max will give you telephone sex

Baby lead on number four
Don't you platter on the floor
Baby lead on number five
Make you feelings come alive
Baby lead on number six
And I know you know the tricks
Don't want you to feel perplex
Just enjoy this telephone sex