All this pain in my blood man I'm trying to deal with it
(Pain inside my blood)
I think I'm going schizophrenic
Who have I become I don't know and now we're missing
(Who have I become)
I think I'm going schizophrenic
Searching for that love I don't know who I can trust
(Searching for love)
I think I'm going schizophrenic
(Who can I trust)
I think I'm I think I'm going schizophrenic
Schizophrenic think I'm going schizophrenic

I'm trying not to let my thoughts get to me
But they driving down a one way street
I'm dreaming about a girl taking over the world but in the mirror all that I see is me
I been hurt by people I protected
I made mistakes some not corrected
I zoned out on my haters like a lecture
But every time I turn around I'm facing more pressure
Where I come from niggas don't know morality
Fuck legality my mentality is vitality
Lack of normality killing both sexualities I just wanted to make it I'm hunted by actuality like
Insecurities are my reality I got a boy that's on the side of me but will he ride for me
I ask myself whenever he's inside of me how come I feel like I'm lost inside of me

Like anger depression frustration isolation deception
If I open up to you please don't judge me I want somebody anybody just to love me
It's like I'm only happy when I'm not sober just living life sometimes I wish that it was over
Trust who your enemies was once friends of ya I swear this life just ain't me schizophrenia
I'm lost I need directions been running from the truth I'm out of breath I need a second
But I just smile as if it's nothing wrong because until I find myself I'm just a perfect song
See when you feel neglected rejected it's hard for you to ever just forget it forgive it
You live your life surrounded but you still feel alone I'm not at home even when I'm sitting at home I'm not myself any more

Everybody looking for me
I'm tryna find my way back
I feel like I'm going crazy
So maybe you should stay back
Out of my mind
I must be out of my mind yeah
Out of my mind
I'm running out of time I'm just trying to find me