I Love That Bitch


That's the perfect echo
Yeah Yeah

Her sent is sweeter than swishes
With just a whiff of her fragrance
She have you stuck like a picture
By just the hell of her presents
She hypnotise by her assents whether
Depression or happiness
Is a curse or a blessing
I meditate for a lesson
And now I lost all my feelings
She helps the pain heel faster
But if I get too attached to her
Ill start a deaster
Mary just want my money
She don't like me for me
Cos if the pain is like a knife
She ain't gon come stop the bleeding
And now I'm grinding and grieving
I don't know what I believe in
She just reminds me how I'm such
A fucking reck and the reasons
But I love that bitch
She help me zone out on the haters
And I love that shit
And They say weed is like a drug
And I love the fix
I'm bringing heat
Like my lighter
I swear I love that bit

When I'm with her
It feel like all is good
When I'm with her
I feel so understood
The relationship we have
Is very strong
Extendo so me and you can
Last very long
She fuck around and let the hood hit
But at least she getting money
That's my hood bitch
She real with me
I love her just
Like my bestfriend
I swear it feel
Like we are destend
And when we through
I roll again so its the best
And I hope smoking ain't like a sin
Cos its my blessing
I love weed, I love loud, I love mary jane
But shit when I be high I love everything

She know I wanna hit
Ain't gotta ask it
But still I just treat her like a ho
Cos I just passed it
If she ain't with me on eid
Its like I'm fasting

So I guess I'm stuck with her
Until I'm in the casket
I told you I be smoking papers
Cos I see through you
And everytime I ain't around
I wanna be with you
She make me feel like
Ima lame gotta pay for this
I told her if Ima pay for you
You gotta stay for this
Let's take a trip outta the town
And don't smoke
Ill sit and drown
Stick around
You baddest girl around no homo
Let's take a trip outta the town
And don't smoke
Ill sit and drown
You baddest girl around no homo

I know I said the last will be the last
But I keep on coming back
Keep the blunt and let it last
It don't make no sense but
I love that bitch
I love that bitch
I swear I love that bitch
It don't make no sense
I love that bitch