Hit up Harolds on 87th
Get a 5 piece with some mild sauce
Thot top while I'm hitting blocks
I feel like the Rock, knocking miles off
Bitches silly
Coming in my city
When they knowing really
They ain't fucking with me
Spendin like a semi
Got it hidden with me
I be rolling sticky.
They be thick as Nicki
Got yo nigga with me
Left him with a hickey
Wanna hit
But he ain't even get a quicky
Switching niggas when I'm feeling picky
Only rat I'm fucking with is Mickey

I'm the truth, thats a fact
I was really born in Chiraq
I done chopped it up with some real niggas and the next day they got whacked
I don't have manners and don't make apologies
Out of this world, I'm a star like astrology
Double life; Hannah
Tell yo nigga band up
And then when he break it, maybe he can talk to me

All of my ex niggas steady stalking me
I'm flexin like I got the Hulk in me
No time for bitches
Money calling me
I'm feelin paranoid the way they follow me
Stop comparing me to the weak
Writing this will probably take a week
You look at it like you're in the booth
I look at it like I'm at the beach

Pretty face make a nigga chase
I'm the modern day black Marilyn
Niggas out here saving hoes
Got the S on them like a Sheridan
Striking rookies
If you ever book me
I be filling rooms, great barrelin
Labels pricing me
Its so much ice on me
When I arrive they start carrelin

I'm the reason bitches got rank
I'm still waiting on the thanks
They like Dreezy, tell me yo secret.
I get motivated by the hate
Serena; I be throwing racks
Shay gone fuck around and get smacked
& anybody that ain't team Dreezy
Tell them suck a dick from the back

Know a couple bitches not qualified
Drop a couple bars, and leave them all quiet
Come around, don't apologize
You my enemy, it ain't no compromise
Niggas missing when it's drama time
Money coming
Yea its comma time
Got the game all traumatized
Make a rat bitch commit suicide

Say my name
Now i need to get the Weezy
As soon as you step a foot in Chiraq, you will feel uneasy
I'mma need a red droptop
Cherry on top
Like a Sundae
Putting my team on the map
I wouldn't turn on them like a runway

The city saying I'm next up
Tell the bitch get her checks up
Really though
I'm verified, tell that bitch get her checks up
Got a hood nigga selling actavis
Got a geek nigga like Dexter
Tell them both I'm in love with em then I'm leaving off with they check stubs

I ain't giving pity, til I got a milli
Niggas say they proud just to get a penny
I know savages selling packages
If I wanted to
I could whack a bitch
I wouldn't give that boy a ring
I've been one
What a thing
Dreaming more than Martin Luther King
But in my city
I'm the queen

Timbs on
I'll stomp a hoe
Then leave her there with a shoe print
Fuck wrong with these rap bitches?
You could never be the blueprint
I'm here to take my title back
Cause I can't take a hoe serious
Said it once
And I'll say it twice
I'm the top bitch and that's period
Let get it