The Master Plan

Dream Warriors

[Featuring Kandu]

You want bigger and better and higher and larger and more shit

Peaches and cream

To each man his dream

Harvest crops and props

Teaches teens how to throw dice and pick locks

I wish you knew the issue

It's all wallet politics

Done it done it

Seen it seen it

We seen it done

No opposition to none

Cause they remember that story

Bout him puttin some fools hand in a blender

Cause first things first

Gotta hold his down like (?) purse

And school his team like Vince Lomardi

No noble cause

From sea to street

Entrepreneur genius

They try to take him under federal conspiracy laws

Probable cause

Damn, that's Rick the man

With the master plan

CHORUS: (2x) [Kandu]

Somebody told me to deliver this message (pass it on, pass it on)

It was the 7th of July

7 years have moved, like out of place

So we rushed it

Watched us run straight to the front door

Took 4 steps, then he took 1 more

He rocked timbos from his ankles to his big toes

Wouldn't get caught without the flyest of apparel

He knew the scooop on everybody from me

To Geraldine Ferraro

First love was a Ferrari

He played more games than your average Atari

He said call me Big, but really I ain't the (?)

Dips call me often

And pops call me Junior

Lo-co, at times

I am the cream of crops

Ripped clean of props

Had the school imperials

On his materials

Everybody jackin so you know the scenario

Cause if he heard word

Well, not a word he'd utter

If he spoke fast not a word he'd - stutter

He never slipped into the pit of a gutter