Test Of Purity

Dream Warriors

People get nasty on the dancefloor (2x)

CHORUS: (2x)

Here's the test of purity

And ya never know

Just by lookin

Who's an angel or a ho

Have you ever had sex in 3 positions in on session

Been so loud having sex inside the house made you complain

Has your sexual technique been complented

Openly praised by someone for the style

Have you ever used position number 69

Intentionally swallowed semen down your spine

Woken someone by givin him a lick

Or sucked on someone's feet until you were sick

Written an explicitly erotic story

Brought your partner to the point of orgasm, spasm

Using only your hands

Had sex while both fully dressed

Unzipped fly, standing up, with skirt hiked up

Used whipped cream or chocolate syrup


Have you been in a (?)

Been in a bedroom, outside, or a spa

Had sex in a public place, outdoors, in the car

While drivin

Bathtub, hot tub, or ocean

Have you ever used lubricant or sex lotion

Do you like it fast, or slow motion

Or stopped in the middle before your partner was done

Ever did it in a stairwell or elevator

Or cemetary or mortuary

Or library or veterinary

Or laundery even monestary


People get nasty on the dancefloor (2x)

Is there anymore pure, who's pure anymore (2x)

Had sex on the button, (?), or weed

Or any other drug for that matter to succeed

To lower resistance, use alcohol

Seen a live professional, stripper, strip bar

Commited an act of voyeurism

And watched someone who didn't know you were there

Or wore no drawers, for the whole world to stare