Float On

Dream Warriors

Luv Q Spek Lu (Float On)

Small X Riddler (They gotta float on)

Cando Dog (float on)

Who's that girl on the rome castin nude shadow

In the midnite hour

Red carpets nothing less boy we walked on

I wouldn't have it

It's tragic

How we make em dissapear like magic

King Lu with a touch like midas

And all the kiss honeys dem stay beside us

Girls on the left swimmin women on the right

Cruisin the house and ya don't wanna fight

And any way it rocks, like blocks on your corner

The new world order


Recognize quoted

You demoted, early dismissal

That issue, soft like ass tissue

So now every interview

Music's behind me livin in a world made of money, honey

Take the bitter with the sweet

Take the bitter with the sweet



(Before I let go) Float, Float On

Float On, Float On (Float On)

Float, Float On (That's what they gotta do)

Float On, Float On (Float On)

Take my hand

Come with me baby, to love land

Cause 1, 2, 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock rock

You'll be hearin me comin round your block

Tappin the older counts

Somedays it's so thick

I can't see through the fog

I feel like digital, fightin analogue

Just another page

In the rage

Of the teenage

These tricks ain't for kids

With dresses that fit like a condom

Help me, somebody help me

Oh, how the mighty have fallin

Now you can hear your mamma callin

When the DJ display

People get down

Girls with the bodies

And my eyesight on the dance floor

It's the best type of party

Cause the beat don't stop unt