California Dreamin'

Dream Warriors

*all vocals by King Lu The Philosopher*


baby used to be a California dream

baby used to be a California dream

baby used to be a California dream

but eventually everything becomes a dirt pit

in a showroom frame I attract another hit

if you run to the sun call Lu then you trip

I think it's time for you to retire you skipped

that's what you get when you suck to much sess

you get penis end, like the girl in the tight dress

a mess hall, we all in your balling

there's no where to run when the roll is calling

may it be me, cause I flow from within girls

tell me I'm a hoe, drop the stereo and we can flow

loop like cause this might be magic

watch it might engulf you and catch your snatch

there it is, what it is

a house is in the middle of the street

to swallow my gift is a feat

but I hate to see without eyes

when people try to sabotage

but I'm quite sucesful at espeanage

try harder man, come on harder

cause if you don't, then come on, why bother

you're in my air evaporate at a rate greater than wait

I'm changing fate

hey, look

I made ya look

who's in the kitchen cookin' chicken, mama

exscuse me baby I don't mean to interupt

but my mind's corrupt now that you got my interest up

you're best I edit the wish bones before I credit

cause I must show my versatility facility

peep me like tom

must you, I bust you

I smash you into dirt and leave your crew laughin' at ya

I'm coolin' like Laverte

you're hurt if I'm leavin' you


plot thickens

when reflects is flex like the sex faces

into private places

it's me baby