Undercover Genius

Die Happy

Damn, i'm the man,

i'm smarter than you and you can't deny it

i'll get what i deserve

you're selling your soul, i'm not gonna buy it

and it's a shame that you don't like me

'cause i'm your greatest fan

you'll always be a step behind me

catch me if you can

a choir of angels singing my praise

soothing my anger

easing my pain

i am better than the rest

i'm an undercover genius

i must confess

it's getting kind of serious

i am better than the rest

no one's ever gonna bring me down

this is my quest

a king without a crown

damn, what a scam

it's ridiculous how you bathe in the glory

you are an egoist

one of these days you're gonna be sorry

so don't pretend that you don't owe me

i'm gonna make you pay

'cause you are nobody without me

no matter what you say

standing in your own way

failing in your vain crusade

and now you're alone

a lonely king upon his throne

you should never deceive yourself

it's only make-believe


you're an ordinary, average guy

you must confess

it is time for you to step aside

you're not better than the rest

you're a schizophrenic little man

you're an egoist

making trouble anyway you can