Slow Day

Die Happy

There's a traffic jam outside my window

There's a red light on that just won't change

The pavement's full of cracks from all the sunshine

But now they're filling up 'cause the rain is falling down

I'm running round in circles

Trying to find my way

It's a slow day withiut you

It's a slow day when you're net around

It's a slow day with no escape

It's a slow day without you

There's a jet-plane up there hanging in the sky

Just kind of resting his wings on that big white cloud

Minutes taking on but stretching out forever

Just like the rooftops out there - they all melt together

I'm running 'round in circles

Trying to find my way

24 long hours with nothing to do

24 long hours just hanging on, waiting for you

It's gonna be a slow day