Standing Strong

Die Happy

Look at me now

I tremble like a fallen leaf

Spinning around

When you blow your icy wind

My sea its freezing over when you show me your cold side

Hiding the sund behind the moon

I look at you now

You're throwing water off my shores

Wasting your time

When you hurl your thunderbolts

Just like Mother nature you've got different seasons too

But you're hiding the good away from me

I'm out in the cold

I don't really mind your rain

I don't care if you blame me

(Just) Like the weather you will change again

I don't really fear your storm

I won't freeze cause I'm warm

Just like the weather you will change and be calm

And I'm still standing strong

So look at yourself

You're caught in your own trap

I give you my hand

You send a Hurricane instead

You're net the Mother nature

You are not the mighty God

Hiding yourself behind the storm - go beyond the pale

Hiding yourself, hiding your soul

You're out in the cold

Blow me down you can't hurt me

You carry me away

I'll gladly take the ride

For now you are heading my way