Same shit with different smell
Same taste with different shape
Blood for oil modern genocide for goldKilling for something praying for nothing designed for always fool

Don′t wait for the peace its never come to cum like lust of Sodom and Gomorrah
For hundred aeon to come occupation shall repeats it shall repeats
All is full of hate all is full pain and lies
Always hungry for unknown pleasure to conquest
Fresh blood spills like a maniac in the name of divinity, bastard divinity
Too wasted for the blessed
We always living in fear in empty life
Fear still embracing our dying life

Restless congregation
Contaminated narrow mind
Blind and faithless
Bless yourself in the way of blasphemy

Lethal dose of mourning still increasing in time of war all the time
War all the time!
Still searching utopian tranquillity in realms of horror reality
Praying for prey in the name of savagely will