Might Getcha

David Banner

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Its yo mutha fuckin nigga Lil Jon (Ok!)
Aka Quabo Jones (That's right!)
Checkin in out with that boy David Banner (Yeah!)
And check this out right (Whats up?)
All ya'll fuck niggas (Fuck niggas!)
Need to get the fuck up out the club (Get out bitch!)
All yall hatin' nigga's (What?!)
Get the fuck out the club (Get out!)
Cuz u talkin that shit (Yeah?)
Some shit might happen to yo bitch ass!

(Chorus: x2)
Might Getcha Jaw Broke
Might Getcha wig split
Might Getch car shot up
Might Getcha dome kicked
Might Getcha kidnapped
Might Getcha neck snapped
Might Getcha your feelings hurt thinking that U just a wrap.

(Verse 1)
Like a little angry bitch
Coming down screamin' out South Side and shit
Mississippi dick sucka keep my name off yo lips
You don't know me, plus this gun lay right on my hip
Bustin' slugs at yo bitch ass
Aww, shit, Banner done it again
Seven hundred on them dubs, I done spun 'it again, shit,
Ya'll prolly thaught a nigga fell off (Da roof)
I was in Mexico sippin' Sauza (Da roof)
Wit a latin bitch dippin' tha grain
Mississippi mutha fucka anin't a damn thang change
But this...(?) (Yeah!)..and ya'll ho's, (Yeah!)
I went from...(?)...(Yeah!)... to 12 gold (Yeah!)
Went from phat ass tires to low pro's (Low pro's!)
Went from bein' alone to first chose (First chose!)
You went from talkin' that shit ta broke nose (Broke nose!)
I went from preachin'to thugs to sellin' dope

We from the M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, hump back, hump back I, make 'em wanna die
...(?)...smoke that herb
Once we up we back on tha curb
Dat goddamn shit, I told 'em it's absurd
...(?)...workin' on my nerve
I sniff that shit that's smooth, I pack that schute...(?)
I Hope it happen to...(?)
Screamin' out, Shurm, Life is coo
Keep 'em in line like...(?)
We roll in the Caddies wit tha hoes in tha Coop
Just 'cause I practice don't mean that I won't put a hole in a pussy ass nigga like you
You talikin' shit then I'll kick in ya door
Most of the rest of the verse is a little too hard to decypher. LOL!
>If that nigga in the club then I wanna beat him up (2)
Punch that nigga out (4) Ladies!
If that bitch up in the club then I wanna beat her up (2)
Punch that bitch out (4)
Stomp that nigga, man (2)
Yeah, he's still talkin' shit, stomp that nigga, man
Slap that bitch, girl (2)
Yeah, she talkin' to yo man, slap that bitch, girl

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