David Banner

I'm livin today


I don't know if it'll be alright, it'll be ok

If it'll be alright, it'll be ok

If it'll be alright, it'll be ok

But I'm living today 1x


I've been checkin out this reefer 'bout an hour and it sounds so soothin

It's kinda hard to write this one and keep the track movin

Barbeque with weed and brew is how we usually do it

Get it dumpin while we pumpin up some good music

Can't afford to lose it, hobbied to a full-time job

Keep my track record clean for those who wanna pull my card

It's kinda hard on a brotha with the struggle and all

But all I can say is just keep hustlin and y'all

Got to love it live it, ya can't be in it for nothin

'Cause there's too many niggas out there who witness this shit,

it's not fair

Nobody to blame for your misfortune and fame

Just tryna' take the right road, please, call Jermaine

I've seen rain, but now it's pourin

And at least I gotta have a Sweet when I wake in the mornin

So let's just all do our thing like an orchestra does

Pass the shit around so we can all get a buzz


(David Banner)

I can't blame it on my mama, nigga I knew she was broke

No education so she spent the last check on some dope

Hovers to John's and my father never seen the funds

But I heard he was locked in jail keep his nuts on his tongue

Who gives a fuck, the government can lick the sweat off my dick

They put crack off in the hood and lock us up when we trip

A little dough, ask them hoes what they put in here for

I heard birds fly through the wind, then they land at your door

Hot sex all night until my body gets numb

I'm too nervous to relax so I bail when I come

Can't get alone with my folks so I dump on them fools

Basketball is all they taught a young nigga in school

Fuck your foot, and your basket, you can lick on my balls

My school don't have the i

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