The Tr 808 Is Coming

D Nice

featuring KRS One

Intro: KRS One

Bo bo bo! How many times I gotta tell you man? D Nice number one

lyracist out here in the world today. All the suckers that want to

perpetrate the fraud must come correct! Know what I'm saying? This

is KRS One from the massive BDP crew. And of course we are doing it

just for you. The styles are from 1990 and 1991 and 1992. So we

gonna break it down a little something like this, check it out.

Chorus: KRS-One

I say the TR-808 is coming, bright and early in the morning

I say the TR-808 is coming, but you see that is daily living

Verse One: D-Nice

I-I'm D-Nice the 808 it's no mistake

Now this is not the time but the music that I make

And wait, I'm telling you, why don't you just listen

Just because I come from the Bronx I'm not dissing or wishing

Cause the beat sounds groovy

I drink Ammoretta on the rocks cause it cools me off

And usually when I am speaking

I usually wear a cap and gown when I'm teaching

Or reaching out, huh, to touch someone

I'm rocking on the microphone just to have fun

So run (Bo bo bo!) cause I'm number one

And if you want to battle me then pull out a gun

Don't forget the ammo-nition and listen

Don't ever bite a lyric cause then you're pissing me off

And with the style that I'm bringing

The girls love it, and of course, girls I'm swinging

And seeing (Bo bo bo!) I left the girls' hearts broken

Now I'm back to tell you all I'm not joking

And I'm hoping you see that I'm the main topic

You put me in the wildest crowd and I'm a rock it


Outro: KRS-One

Yes man, you see