Call Me D Nice

D Nice


My name is D Nice...

Taking out you suckers and you don't know how I did it

Yo this is D Nice and I'm about to drop some funky lyrics on this

track I

made up you know what I'm saying huh yea and you don't stop yo

My name is D Nice although I hate to admit it

Taking out you suckers and you don't know how I did it

See every episode remains in this mode

Very cool very calm there's no sweat in my palm

I just pick up the mic, precede wit a sond

I get right to the point, my competition's not long or short

It's like a sport hanging in the middle

But now if you're puzzled, let me kick the whole riddle

That my name is Derek and if I didn't mention

D-Nice is just a description

It describes the kid on the mic

I'm the TR-808, huh, but just call me D-Nice


I start to think, a very big conscious all around me

Who will be the sucker MC to try to doubt me

Is it you, or you, or you, or you, or him

But I'm like a tree and every lyric is a limb

You throw it on the turntable, very unstable

But you gamble because you need that example

There's a 1000 MC's on the planet earth now

What is the word you say to get hers

Some like to explain, some talk educated

Some like McBoo, he's X-rated

I like to think of myself as a pure rebel

A radical thinker on a musical level

'Cause suckers wanna stop me and girls wanna kiss

Wherever I go, yo, it seems I can't be dis

'Cause my name is D-Nice but all the girls call me Derek

It ran through my crew so I guess I've inherit

The job of explaining and also retaining

The fact D-Nice is remaining

Not a king nor a prince but as a teacher

Wit dopies like this, I know I'