Crumbs On The Table

D Nice

(Is that a turntable? Well get on it it's your turn)

Who gets laid the chicken or the egg?

How about the MC that has just been led

To a renegade teacher preacher then he got stomped

Cause I'm a feature straight from the Bronx

Productions better known as Boogie Down

If I was a king right now I'd get crowned

The Nice is a teacher not a prince or a rap lord

I even write my rhymes on a blackboard

To get specific, and probably make you understand

What makes the 808 plan

It's simple, I'm a round it off like this

That's how many stupid MC's I've dissed

But if the commence to try me I won't buy it

I'll look them up and down and I'll say "Don't even try it"

Cause I can go on and on without breathing

The TR, another form of BDP-eating

MC's like Chunky, moving real bluntly

Shaking and baking MC's like a junky

Fiending, hitting MC's like they was cocaine

Calling them John Doe, meaning they have no name

I'll spin you like a quarter, drink you like water

Hit below the belt with things you never thought of

I lay down the law that I am a slaughter

I roll like a tital wave, so you oughta

Float like a sailboat, move like a speedboat

In water, now watch you soak

Into a rhyme of mine until you hit the bottom

It's heavy like an anchor, it's no problem

For me to just bake you, eat you like a cookie

I am a profressional, boy, you're just a rookie

I'm here to sing a song, but some are not able

Compared to me you're just crumbs on the table

In my prime, more vocal than I've ever been

I'm not an amateur, sort of like a veteran

Split from the bums, arriving from a long trip

Now I'm bac