More Than A Friend

Changing Faces

How y'all doin' out there? [crowd cheers]
Alright, y'all sound good, haha
We gon' need y'all to help us out here
Where are those love lights at?
Take 'em out your pocket, put them up
Cuz we need to see them, c'mon y'all
We got somethin' we wanna ask you
How many of you out there are in love? [crowd cheers]
Woo, a lot of lovers in the house tonight, huh?
Yeah, woo
Well, we're in love ourselves
And it feels good to be in love
Especially when your lover is your best friend (definitely)
Haha, alright y'all

Thinkin', evaluatin' our situation, oh yeah
Came to the conclusion, don't wanna lose ya
Without you, what would I do?
I see you, I see myself
We're so compatible, don't need nobody else
Surround myself with you, cuz you're so good for me
And I really believe that baby

I've fallen in love with you
You are my dream come true
Each and every day
And you, you are my everything
Once blind, but now I see
You're more than a friend to me

Console me, without you I can't concentrate
And when I'm feelin' down
You're always there for me
And I really love you
So tell me the truth, I have you
And I pinch myself
Can't ask for nothing else
Tell me what did I do to deserve you boy?
I've fallen in love


More than a friend (yes you are)
This love will never end (no, no, no)
I wanna know how you came into my world
And made me laugh
See, there's no doubt about it
I can't do without it
See, I've fallen in love with you, so yeah


To me, yes you are
I've fallen, fallen for you, for you, for you baby
Each and every day
And you
See, you're my everything
Now I see
That you're more than a friend to me


Yeah, yes you are
Yes you are (you are)
Ohh, you are
Whenever I call you
You're more than a friend
To me