Changing Faces

How you doin'?
We need to talk
There's been something on my mind
For a little while now
Can ya dig it?
Well, I'ma get right on down to the point
Mmm, yeah

From the day we met
No one believed in you and me
Tension seemed to be as thick as molasses
We keep it into our territory
Our business, our happiness
Our fuss and fights
They had no right
To tamper with our lives

Now all of a sudden
Things is made to change
I guess you can say for the better
If you can remember my name
They call me a bitch
That's who I tend to be
My confidenciality is broken
And disrespectin' me
So go on...

Go on with your rumors
Go on with your friends
You ain't never been strong enough
(To deal with a real bitch)
This has got to end

So quick to speak what they don't know
Talkin' shit about me
Lookin' from the outside in, I can't win
Them against me, against you, against me
I'm just tryin' to hold it down
But it wasn't true love that I found
Cuz a real man can handle this
Between you and me, who's really the bitch?

Never cease to hurt me
Callin' me out my name
Blamin' your confusions on me
You know it's a shame
Stop feelin' yourself and open up your eyes
Cuz you're makin' me hate you
Your fine ways I despise
Go on

Chorus x2

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
(You liar, you low-down dirty son of a cheat)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
(You're the worst kind of bitch)
(Bitch that got the nerve to have a ho)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
(You might as well go on with tricks)
(Maybe then you'll earn some respect)
(Maybe then you'll act like yourself)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
(Maybe then you'll be what God wanted you to be, a man)

You ain't never been strong enough
Oh, won't you go on


Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
(If anybody out there know what I'm talkin' about, say yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
(Yeah yeah yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
(You don't want your man to be a bitch, say yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah...