Be A Man

Changing Faces

You said before me
Your relationships were short
They never did last too long
Said every time you thought
You found pretty Mrs. Right
She turned out to be Mrs. Wrong

You always worked late
Didn't have much time to play
And she couldn't relate to you
She couldn't understand
You're a hardworking man
You need a woman like me who do
Cuz I'll say...

Go and get your paper, babe
You won't hear nothing out of me
Honey ain't no time for play
See the bills got to get paid
We gotta eat everyday
And nothing in life comes for free
So go ahead and get what you can
I got your back, baby, be a man

So now you found me
Someone that you can adore
And you know I adore you too
Somebody that's strong
And got it goin' on
And won't solely depend on you

As crazy as it seems
I'ma let you do your thing boy
?? you are to me
See I can understand that you are just a man
Tryin' to be all that he can be
I'll say...

Chorus x2

I understand
All that it takes
Do what you can
Before it's too late

Honey I'll always
Be around
I'll pick you up
If ever you're down

Chorus Fade