Goin' Nowhere

Changing Faces

featuring Tracey Lee

[Changing Faces]

Chillin' at home thinking about what we gon' do

What are we in this for

Cuz we ain't in love no more no more

Wasting my time trying to fill up yo' appetite

Well I'm hungry now and it ain't for you tonight

1 This is going nowhere (this is going nowhere)

Nothing left for us to share

(there's nothing left for us to share)

This is going nowhere nowhere, nowhere

Come on inside cuz I really need to talk to you

I won't bite my tongue cuz it's over now, It's done

We've been through this before

But no, not now, no more

I just won't sacrifice, I've only got one life

Repeat 1

[Tracey Lee]

It's Tracey Lee baby

Talk to me (huh? what? huh? yeah)

You acting outright high, what, huh?

Casandra what chu mean by dat

I see Charisse been in yo' ear but

When it seems like dat

I got to compete wit yo "X" too

I blessed you

Don't come with the excuse that you like

Creaming is it true dat

So I want chu to move back

Since you don't wanna do dat

It will be the same case

When you proceed to Change Faces

And you know how you do, boo

I gotten used to

Your mood swings now grab yo' things, yeah

You left your set of keys to the BM here

You ain't goin' nowhere

You know my style

We were late, I made it hot like the Mohave

Stay late in the studio so now we

Can lounge in his and her Lex Jeeps

Plush livin'

The crib book valued at one point three

Don't get twisted though

I don't need residuals to make sure