That's Gangsta Freestyle



She callin' my hands-free phone

Talkin' bout gettin' her freak on

No you don't turn me on

Misses Poof-Pow Be Gone

If you got hatred on ya mind, I'm not the nigga to speak on

I'm as throwed as the pig-skin in the E-N-D Zone

I'm lookin' for a faithful, yellow-bone to cheat on

Latex when we bone, throw up the 4 while she moan

Yellow bellies I skeet on, better watch ya teeth Jones

Cuz after the divorce, I'm movin into, the home

Bout to be ya step-father

Me and Lil' Flip flip harder

Then a hyper-active acrobat with hops like Vince Carter

8-Ball plus 8-Ballers, yes Koopa pimp harder

Mr. Jackson, don't like me, caught me kissin' his daughter

Damnit Janet, we the throwdest muthafunkaz on the planet

Not enough room, don't panic I'll pull up and expand it

S.U.V., let you see, paint is wet as the Atlantic

Lug-nuts like some mechanic

Chome rims is like man it's, if you don't like it then sue me

Little Zane tryin' to sue me, cuz he's not in my movie

Can do nothing to me, introduced to my Uzi

Just cuz everybody else does, I don't like groupies

No not either, don't watch cartoons or like goofy

And I show damn don't like goofy groupies, sellin' tight coochie

Bout to be a..Jetson and I ain't talkin bout Judy

Look, I know they gon' get Miss Cleo

Not a slut, I'ma ill

I know they gon' see me with 2 twins in a trill

Shout-out to the flows partner ?? before I jill

(scratching until the song ends)

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