Air Force Ones Freestyle



I know they gon' get pissed over

This flow that I did for ya

Forget what them tricks told ya

I'm slick with the pistol-a

No purple in his soda..but I'll sell ya the bar

16 bars cost 35 throw a dollar at ya boy

The next nigga that talk down, and say that ballin' rap ain't real

I'ma slap that broke nigga with 10 hundred dollar bills

Then I'ma ask how real is that? and I'ma let you keep the change

Waitress shinin' at IHOP, no tip Owl left you piece and change

Fedarelli think I'm sellin' syrup, swisher sweet and 'caine

But I'm really pimpin' hoes, want head? I'll let you lease her brain

Even hoes try to make me buy them 20 inch tires

Yeah I give them hoes the Visa, but you know that hoes expired

So the card get's rejected

And the braud get's rejected

When she try to get back on my sack, she'll get slapped

money ain't sex it's males and

Females can get it, gettin' money is tough

Cuz I got most of it already, the U.S. didn't print enough

Chamillionaire is no bluff, I ain't have no trouble to sell

Plus I go fed ex like overnight government mail

Thuggin' as well with Thugga-Man

I'm ready to cut a man

Put on my rubber and

Get off in your mother then..

Burn her off my rubber-bands

trunk is cracked

To hell with throwbacks

A nigga throwin' throwbacks back

I'm wearin' throw-ahead jerseys "Koopa what the hell is that?"

A NBA jersey with a College niggas name on the back

He ain't even hit the league, I got em' home and away colors

I'm ashamed of this rap game, like the mother's of gay brothers

Yall niggas rappin' gay..and the underground is mine

It's the Mixtape Messiah and I've come to get my crown

Spent yo money on platinum..I put my dough in my mouth

While yall niggas is eatin' cookies stuffin' dough in ya mouth

Even if Rayface recorded all my vocals low

You've got to hear

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