After Da Kappa 2k1



I might pull my ice out and there went all the lights-out

Ice white as the white house or bright as a light house

Ask the governor of Galvaston and he gon' tell ya, we ball

Bout to change the C-Wall to the damn C in P-Wall

All, look at the screens fall can you stunt like we? Nah

More shoes, clothes and hoes then 4 stores in the mall

See more legs, breast and thighs then a plate with 3 chickens

I don't steal but the pist-ol ya whole set of, teeth missin'

I'ma walkin' website, internet on my damn cell

Open up my nextel, and you-you got mail

I'm to busy, damn who is he?

More throwed then a threw frisbee

Driving too fast you'll miss me

Cuz my twinkies made ya too dizzy

If you see us at the Kappa, on no swangers and adapters

You have my permission to walk up, to me inside and slap us

If I'm not in a flag ship, being jocked by bad chicks

Wearin' coogI bad clips you can give me a ass kick

Sir Daily I stunt with him

When I'm up in the Confadan

With a couple of twins, wearing nothin but comfortable skin

Might pull my cash out, Chamillionaire's a damn grouch

Screen recline and, lay down like a fat man on a black couch

I'm as throwed as a toad on a Budweiser commercial

Wise-Wise Er-Er, look don't make me hurt you

Bout to change after the Kappa, to after the Koopa

Cuz when it comes to ballin', yall niggaz come after King Koopa

Call me King Of The Kappa, when I'm seen in ya city

My screens fall and hang down like ya grandmama's titties

I'm off the (sound), oops I mean I'm off the heezie man

Could go platinum if I did a album with the Ku Klux Klan

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