Flow (Dont Stare At Us)


Show a big tyma love
When you see me riddin' dubs
Platinum chain diamond up but
Please don't stare at us!
What it do I see you peepin' me I'm peepin' you
Find a better thang to do and
Please dont't stare at us!
Sittin crooked on tha chrome
Wit a throwed yellowbone
I'm wit her and you alone
Please don't stare at us!

When it comes to ridin chrome, we some veteran pros
matter fact I'm livin larger than David Letterman's nose
don't play stupid and aact like I never said it before
I'd radther chase a set of them vough's Instead of them hoes
Whoa kimosabey find me in a denali
or hoppin out the impali if I'm sweatin' it's probably
Not the damn sun it's this heater strapped to my body
Whoa kimosaby think I'm bluffin then try me
mirror, mirror on the wall I'm watchin all of ya'll
So I can see who's plottin on me when my twankies crawl
while you starin at us dawg that boy Lew Hawk is not
the type to let some drama pop and just sit back and watch
Niggas just dit back and watch while we sit back in drops
Haters see mo red dots than a kid wit chicken pox
If you want it, it's whatever you haters need to go get a
Life w cheddas getters for 2k1 and forever! whoa!

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