Cadillac Pimpin' Freestyle


[Chamillionaire - Talking]

Uh-Huh, (G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)

Color Changin' Click cutty, (G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)

(G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)

It's that..damn..Ro' (Ay, Look)

Lew Hawk (G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)

Koopa baby (G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)

Tell em' mayne (G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)

Yeah (G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)

(G'-G'-G'-G'-G'Yeah G'Yeah)


-Ay, Ay

You say that you want fire, come hire the messiah

You say that their's one higher then Koopa, there's none liar

I got athletic compadre's that'll run by ya

And pitch that white thing in ya hand like a umpire

Come try a nigga like me, the flow is so complex

If you hatin'..don't come cuz after that comes plex

in the form of 2 ladies who act like they want sex

Put her tongue in ya mouth no, put the heat to your chest? yes

I call em' ho watts, take orders like robots

Then come home with all the dough you got hiding in yo socks, G'yeah

(Hold up, my mind movin' to fast for me..lemme catch up with myself, yeah yeah)

Head-bustas lurkin' while I lurk

Put a squirt in that guys shirt

Cuz they know how much I'm worth

And go bankrupt if I'm hurt

A laundromat holder to go put that iron to that guys shirt

Don't matter where you plant your foot on the earth you on my turf

Got boys in Oakcliff, that's deep in that drug zone

That'll go put that glove on, then go put that snub on

Then put it to your dome, and won't miss you when you're gone

"It's So Hard To Say Goodbye's" in there song

So don't think it's gon' be no apology

My dough alot of G's plus I know alot of G's

Better do it D'Bo style and snatch yo Impala keys

No back talkin' nigga just unload ya pockets please


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