Torn Within


Tombstones made of flesh

Out in the stream of blood

Forever to be gone

And the memories flow away

Beyond the gates of silence

I'm torn forever

Suffering - bleeding wounds

Deformed being

Silent decay

Let me sleep forever

Let me vanish in peace

Save me from this hell

To the eternity in my dreams

Amorphous pile of skulls

Human life condamned

A crucifix of sacred bones

Final peace evokated

Take me far away

My soul wants to rest

"I am blinded by the grief

Let me be dead, forever"

Evil absorption of hopes

Creeping smell of rottingness

The deceased sinners in catacombs

Funeral for the screaming mortals

The path through illusions

Sacrificed souls dissever

Tombstones made of flesh

A graveyard of mangled limbs

Out in the stream of blood

My life will be vanished

Dissolved piece by piece

Under the freezing moon