My Demon Within


A misty ground

Seals my soul of pagan fire

Ripped apart

Dark emotions and inner thoughts

We will all

Take part in the endless journey

As we weep

To the hymns of an arctic star

My demon within

conquer my mind

Echoes of frost

(in a damnated soul)

Damnation reigns

A sorcery of fear and sorrow

Eternal thorns

Flew high like glory shadows

In the past

A silent age of divine destruction

Led me through

To a world

of subconscious demons

Illusions fall

In the halls of slumber centuries

Passed away

In temples of obscurity


I watch the land of mortality


Dwell among the seven prophecies

Beholding the winds

of crimson calls


the grounds of vengeance

My demon,

my princess of wisdom

I sharpen my swords

And into the kingdom I ride


I have seen the spiritual aeons

A shadowdance

Like a mistress of hidden thunder

In time and space

I am dying, I am searching

For a fire

Which can raise my inner demon