End Of Life


A pile of rancid flesh

A piece of rotten meat

This is all I see

You will fall asleep

Slash your face and cranium

Crack your trachea and your face

I bare my fist through your stomach

and laugh when the scream disappears

The smell from your fried eyes

really make me high

I drink the juice from your lungs

A rancid coctail of life

I'm a psychedelic murderer

who will skin my victims alive

put their tender flesh in my mouth

and eat ruptured kiddneys for fun

Maggots surrounding your body

I'd love to see you die

They eat you from inside

A grotesque end of life

Suck out your blood

The rotten remains I eat

I lick your dismembered organs

and the septic mush from your feet

Maggots surrounding...

Suck out your...

Time has come

to end your life

You will now

suffer and die

Slash your face...

The smell from your...

I'm a psychedelic...