Lost Flowers

Cemetery Of Screams

Dust particles of th eempty words like left wings of the unvisible birds

flowers the storm of the words'n'feelings h's like wind

frail and brittle stalks-it's time to pass and die lightnings of feelings

the silence of the warm evening stars threw on the heaven like the seeds of

flowers of hate'n'love

The rains streaming along the edge of the counter

flowing down the shoulders and face cold blows of whip

the whisper of silent drops windows, panes of flashes'n'brilliance

the darkened by the grey fog of the gloom

Liberation'n'freedom empty cages out of pigeons

we were floated by the ocean with the eternal prophecy in the hand

The poetry of the streets drowned in the rain

the green of the trees and the black of the night

contrast of hope and hidden sad floods of tears cold and soulless

Lost flowers covered by the dust of oblivion

mercy hidden under the veil of the old splendour the past

immortal monument of hate'n'love of passion'n'desire

Someone said to the mirror when you're alone in your world

it will be the end of your dreams it will stay just the sad

the green of hope the next blessin' left on the stainy table