Cemetery Of Screams

What did you give

Give to the man

Mind that can only fell'n'suffer

Heart made with

With daub smiles

Meaningless words

And bottomless torment.

What did you give to the man

when he with bowed head

With storm of feelings'n'passions

Dives in the whirl of existence.

Is it not to much?

Can we stand that whatt a grace is?

On the rough wave

Of the seeming might

Full of the pride

Cruel words as the weapon.

When one blow

One blow changes

mighty'n'rapid river

In the slime of the swamp.

When the end of

Dream 'bout life

Is so fast

Fast like cu of knife.

When hedies like an animal

With hate'n'fear in his eyes

He'll tear you heart out if

That will give him his life back.

Pray for all the sins that you have faked

With your lips

Full of the sand from the river of truth

That's the cynical worship

Cogs of the brain of the life

Loosin' control

Be aware or you'll be just the clown.