Bridge To A Desert

Cemetery Of Screams

The role of Jack-o-lanterns is to be a bridge

a bridge to a desert

a hope in empty words is like the sand,

the sand that burns my soul

with a glow of desires

Who was I?

Who Am I?

Who'll I be?

Should I try?

Can we stop the rain

if the sky is blind

can we stop the tear

a bird that is divine

Left the night behind

silent candle prayers

no one's ever found

tear that pined away

How strange... so moonlit is the great wall of china; this night!

the huge full moon is casting long shadows before my eyes as

I'm slowly strolling over the wall, approaching another tower.

what am I doing here? I feel spiritually naked under these chinese

skies. Not thinking, still waiting... all those myths and beliefs, I

have heard seem likely to happen, now. what have I come here for?

I remember nothing...

The chinese girl: good gods have sent me here to warn you. but

my warning is a riddle, and the final answer belongs to you, master.

please, listen up: what lies between reality and unreality and we all

have to go there?

Nothingness, it is nothingness