Miscreant Citizen


Lying awake, you start to take yourself for granted
Nothing you make will ever break, your feet are planted
Chase your golden chariot, you're the one who'll bury it
All the world you're parroting, that's what you're inheriting
Everything you decide to do is automatic
Your points of view are nothing new, it's only static

And when you speak your mind, lay your chips before you
Look around and you will find all your friends ignore you
What you think you know drags you down until you're
Out past the ebb and flow, and it's unfamiliar

Now that you're caught, you're in a know, you can't continue
What have you got? Don't have a thought to spare within you
Hide behind your vanity, compromise your sanity
Swollen pride so passionate, fusing lies to fashion it
Nobody plays, you waste your days so cavalierly
Set in your ways, lost in the haze you love so dearly

Oh, and it's all too much, it's a dangerous diet
You, you have lost your touch, but you still deny it

Running free

Axons awash in a chemical sea

It's such a simple skill, it's a cinch to master
But you never will, you're just spinning faster

You're off the track, you can't go back, you're slowly falling
Into the black and bitter crack that keeps you crawling
Watch your plots go tumbling, feel The Abstract crumbling
All your plans are paralyzed, swallowed up and sterilized
Thought you were smart, a work of art, your own Valhalla
You fell apart, now you can start to do it all again