Destiny Repeats Itself


I've got a mission
I've got a heart condition
Still I'm gonna spread it
I don't need an excuse
Why should I bother?
I wanna be a father
I want all the credit
I will reproduce

Each little facet
I'm gonna up and pass it
Down to my descendants
To pass each on in turn
And what it does, I
Don't really care, because I
Won't be in attendance
It's not my concern

Hating the fates for the things that we're not
The closing of the gates pulls the strings of our destiny taut
With the traits that it brings to our plot
Genealogy waits in the wings while our bodies rot

Tiny financial
Burdens become substantial
Too many to list 'em
Each one worse than before
That's where they're headed
Station has been embedded
All part of the system
That I will ignore

My limitations
Over the generations
Keep everyone there in
Their inherited place
Fertile and failing
All of my children trailing
Out into the barren
Future they must face

Nothing we've had in this blown little universe
Helped us to add to our own, so we shout and we curse
Acting bad to the bone till we're in the hearse
Leaving us sad and alone and it just gets worse

I'm gonna send my spawn, fulfilling my only goal
Spiraling on and on, forever out of control
I'll never know who's who, or what becomes of their lives
I don't care what they do, and I don't care who survives

Watching the world go by with every door slamming shut
No matter what they try, their status stays in a rut
Till they run out of space, no way to win any round
Running the human race, they'll run it into the ground