Be Together


All my senses stumble and sway as they tumble away
I don't know where I'm going, what's worth knowing
And all of my brain blows out through my nose when you're smiling
And still I'm piling up the tears through the years, clogging up my
I can see you looking at me, baby, why can't we ever be together?
What's the big deal? And you know how I feel
You're filling me with splinters, lonely winters
Without you I nose dive, barely alive, still I'm flying
You're satisfying every need, let me feed, I'll be gaining
Wait forever, that's what I'll do, baby, why don't you want me, too?

When you see the way that I seethe, as I struggle to breathe
You're bound to pay attention, did I mention you give me a love rash?
Each time I crash through your hurdle, I cramp and curdle
Bitter blood, clammy crud, fuse my feet and
Back together, that's what I want, even so you taunt, as you
Haunt me with your poisoned parade, now your poised to invade
My kingdom, and it's shrinking, now I'm thinking
Of you as my homeland, at your command, you're a nation
Of inspiration, dripping down as I drown, still I drink it
Incoherence, nothing is wrong, knowing we belong keeps me strong

Listen, Lame-o, to what I say, won't you wither away?
Shut up and pay attention when I mention so casually
We will never be together, untie me from your tether
Let me go, make it so I don't ever
Have to see or hear you again, or your why or when, now and
Then you've got to learn how to deal, I don't care how you feel
I once was filled with summers, now they're bummers
Without you I'd swan dive, free and alive, I'd be flying
So sayisfying, so well fed, but instead, I'm just losing
Wait until you please pass me by, and I wonder
Why won't you die?