(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa

Bring Me the Horizon

Dead hands clutch my arm
the smell of death fills the air

her fragrance,
her carcass reanimates.
if you need me ill be tying a rope to the tree
were our love used to be.

ive took every photo of us and buried them at sea.
don't worry dearest, beauty is only skin deep.

your beauty is no more.
so why don't you just fuck yourself you fucking whore.

well i should of know, not to look into her eyes
I'm cast to stone, her glare was my demise
since you left me, things have never been the same.
but hour by hour, day by day. your memory will fade away.
every sunrise, every sunset, will help me to forget.
your name, your smile, your eyes- medusa.
decapitate her and bring her head to athena
unlike her sisters, she ain't no deathless god.
this is for every-time you stabbed me in the back
for every notch in your bed post

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