Rang Dang

Bloodhound Gang

Set your phasers on kill if ya will so catch the feeling

Got your head a pumping a back and forth until it hits the ceiling

Now I'm wheeling dealing stealing Johnny's apple seeds

Slapped you with a baseball bat upside the head until it bleeds

Showing no mercy step like Solomon Grundy

Hit ya with a table leg like I was Ted Bundy

I bludgeoned you you're bloodied you think it's kinda of funny

First I'll take your money and then I'll swipe your honey

Dip slip to the A.M. what is that you're saying?

You think you start praying it's not a game you're playing

Pump one pump two listen to the shotgun blast

I'll blast that sorry ass when you're all outta gas

I freak like Cerebal Palsy I'll get inside your drawers

For alarm there is no cause I funk like Lou Rawls

Basco Roscoe P. Cotrane

I wish I had a membrane so that I could go insane

Red light green light you know I always win this game

You can be my gingerbread and I'll be your candycane

Rang dang diddlela dang a dang baby

Rang dang diddlela dang a dang baby

Rang dang diddlela dang a dang baby

You might say no but I hope you mean maybe

No chance in hell but I could tell you crave me

Frisky from the whiskey and the thrills you gave me

Taste great but less filling so thrilling

Come unannounced like automatic billing

And you can't do nothing as I push your buttons

When I talk you're gonna listen like I'm E.F. Hutton

Like Lionel Richie up All Night Long

Jimmy Pop don't do nobody wrong

Stop flop flip and flop

Panties drop now I'm on top

So wiggle it just a little bit

I won't kiss your ass to get a piece of it

You said you wanted to do it now you're coming around to it

I'm the one that sowed the seed but you're the one that grew it

Take it blow by blow like Reginald Denny

I do it all the time How many?

Many frauleins I'm coming again like Jesus

And when I resurrect I'll be damned if I don't please ya

Our Jimmy Pop that art in hell hear it

Fill me with your