The Curtain Falls (the Tale Continues)


Hear my tale of tragedy:


"Alas, philosophy I have explored

as well as medicine and law

add to these regrettably

my studies in theology

Yet here I sit, a foolish bore

no wiser than I was before

No dog can live like this

knowledge gained is far from bliss

So I resolved my soul to free

through blackest magic and dark alchemy"

[Goethe: Faust]

And from my library old

I have this book which I am told

Holds the key to strangest lands

Places never travelled by man

It will, no doubt, open my eyes

through Hell I will finally find my Paradise

[The Fool:]

From browsing through this book I have learned

that all that I have ever yearned

may be accomplished easily

with words uttered feasibly

As long as I in my circle remain

nothing can harm me, the demons are chained

And with the next word I do burn

The devils back to Hell return


As a fool summons a devil, so will I

summon the Fallen Angel of Light

And with his widom in my sight

I will remain (both day and night)

as happy as a man can be

for no knowledge will be strange to me

Of stars in heaven I will know

As life itself I will explore

Rain and thunder I do endure, likewise

fire and ice

the elements are torturing me

with the only purpose that I shall see

and know the wisdom of the lord

Lucifer I summon thee!


I have come to visit you this late

(although your spells are out of date)

To see who mocks the name of God

he might be of interest to my lord


Then I will speak, and you hear this:

In my search for eternal bliss

I will give my very soul to you

If what you claim is really true

Then you will serve me loyally

obey my orders accurately

For me accomplish any task

bring me the moon if I should ask

When time is up you claim your prize:

My soul forever absent from heavenly paradise