Black Winter


I used to miss the cold winter-nights back then

I waited for the day to pass so you would come again

Remember how I fed you (those memories do stain)

I always gave you more even though nothing did remain

My world is black

Black fire burns the night

I greet the darkness

With wide open eyes

Cover me white, cold winter sky

Cover me white as I take off and fly

Cover me with your ice cold tears

Near you I possess no fear

I used to cry myself to sleep those nights so long ago

Both day and night I longed for you, I never could let go

But recently I realised that you were on your way

As frost did spread across the ground I knew you'd come to stay

One last time I kiss the frozen ground

I wave goodbye to my fallen gown

Winter, winter... at last you have come to set my soul free

Black I was forever and will forever be

Embrace me, I will touch you, the wind my elegy

The children of the Great winter are mourning constantly