Last Day Of Sodoma


I offered you my world to have, my kingdom to explore

I gave you warmth and shelter against the raging snow

My dark love was rejected, too bad you could not see

That love lasts eternally and we were ment to be

Your tears cannot move me, I am delighted by your cries

As blood runs down from your chest, I am smiling as you die

Though my eyes are red and wet, this is my greatest thrill

If I cannot have you then no-one ever will

I welcome you home one last time

To greet you goodbye with a knife in my hand

Steel so sharp against tender flesh

River of blood flowing down her chest

Metal blade carving up her skin

As one life ends a new one begins

Anger of Cain raging in my head

Again and again, she is soon to be dead

Tears in her eyes, I hope she can hear

my "goodbye, you have nothing to fear"